Download Review of Dermatology 1st Edition by Saurabh Jindal PDF

Review of Dermatology 1st Edition PDF
Review of Dermatology 1st Edition PDF

Dermatology Medicine is an important branch of medicine concerned with skincare and diseases. It is a large wide-field, as a student or a specialist, you need an integrated easy, full resource for studying and rapid recall of information. Review of dermatology 1st edition 2018 – Saurabh Jindal is both the shortest and most completed colored illustrated source. It is the text you should trust as it is by professor Saurabh Jindal, a far-famed symbol of dermatology in India and Asia. He is a leading coach of PGMEE exams for more than 14 years. He puts all high yield information of derma cases which makes you able to pass PGMEE, AIIMS, COMEDK, PGI, and state exams.

Features of Review of dermatology 1st edition 2018:

  • The simple explaining style in a great format guarantees comfortable reading.
  • High yield information that will help you to pass all your exams at the faculty or for the license
  • Based on the top popular ranked resources of dermatology as Bolognia, Rooks, IAL, Mckee, King Holmes, Andrews
  • Every chapter of the book is supported by an easy writing style, obvious illustrated images to simplify complicated topics, charts, and mind maps for easily linking.
  • Supported by about 682 high-quality images organized in an attractive way along with the text.  
  • Covers basic sciences of anatomy and pathophysiology of dermatological diseases before going deeper in general derma diseases and surgery solutions
  • The best source for derma doctors to make fast, comprehensive revision for any case or before the board renewal exam
  • At the end of each chapter, you find one page of conclusion to give you rapid remembering, followed by some MCQs to assure that you are full.
  • Easy to use and reach what you need in a great fast way  
  • Contains all Indian board MCQ exams from 1997 – 2016 with their referenced answers  

Contents of the book :

1- Comprehensive revision of all topics divided into chapters

1.1 – Anatomy, physiology of the skin

1.2 – Skin lesions, morphology, and histopathology

1.3 – Hansen’s disease

1.4 – TB, bacterial infections

1.5 – Fungal infections

1.6 – Viral infections

1.7 – Protozoal, Parasitic infections  

1.8 – sexually transmitted diseases

1.9 – Blistering diseases

1.10 – papulosquamous disorders

1.11 – Disorders of Adnexae/Appendages

2- All new questions in dermatology (1997- 2016)

3- All Indian board questions (1997-2015)

4- AIIMS (1997 – Nov. 2016)

5- DNB (1997 – 2005)


7- STATE EXAMS (1997-2016)

8- Illustrated 682 images of all derma cases, 183 hand-drawn pics.

We can show some opinions of the book :

  1. Brahmjeet Atish, a top-ranked dermatologist, said that it was an excellent book that you can use if you hadn’t attended doctor Saurabh lessons. Pneumonics were very super that made the skin very easy.

Medical student Deepen expressed that the book contained vast amounts of clinical image-based MCQs covering all clinical case topics with more concentration on basics. You wouldn’t need any source using this book.

Medical student Sankho Choudhury said that the most exciting part of the book was pneumonics that made it easy to remember.

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