Download Pocket Medicine 7th Edition by Marc Sabatine

Download Pocket Medicine 7th Edition
Pocket Medicine 7th Edition

One of the fundamental rules and pillars for a comprehensive study of medical sciences is to rely on strong references for training and obtaining the necessary, proper medical information for practical and exam preparation aspects. Mastering all key diagnosis and management skills are the most successful used way in exam passing. The Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF by The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine is magnificent, and it is one of the most trusted and top-ranked sources of medicine provided by Massachusetts General Hospital by great teachers and professors with long years of experience and patient statistics.


Key features of Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF

  • Full broad, confident coverage of all topics of clinical internal medicine of physical examination techniques of whole-body systems and risk factors, diagnosis and management and drugs of cardiology, pulmonary medicine, gastrointestinal, nephrology, hematology-oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, rheumatology, and neurology disorders
  • This best-selling guide, compiled by residents and attending physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, ensures quick access to critical clinical information and solutions to common internal medicine problems.
  • Distinguished by its great template of presentation as the rich regarded text contains fully illustrated mechanisms and explanations of clinical disorders, also page design of good divisions and colored headlines with isolated paragraphs of clinical application.
  • References to seminal publications to assist you intelligently in responding to attending and residents’ questions – all from a reliable source that you may utilize on rounds.
  • Ideal for the use of medical students, interns, residents, advanced practice nurses, PAs, and candidates who are getting ready for internal board exams
  • The Pocket Notebook Series was always intended to fit in the pocket of a medical student’s white coat pocket, but as the title’s popularity and utility grew among PAs, NPs, and others, and the practice of wearing white coats gave way to scrubs, we wanted to make the series even easier to keep in your pocket.
  • The book relies on a distinctive explanation method and a smooth system in order to help the reader to choose the best questions to get the best answers and to reach the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Table of Contents of Pocket Medicine Amazon

Part1: cardiology

Part2: pulmonary

Part3: gastroenterology

Part4: endocrinology

Part5: rheumatology

Part6: neurology

Part7: consults

Part8: appendix

Part9: abbreviations

Part10: index

Part11: photo inserts

Part12: ACLS

Part13: nephrology

Part14: hematology

Part15: oncology

Part16: infectious medicine

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User Reviews For Pocket Medicine PDF

Fredware L. said since I was a tiny OMS-3, I’ve been taking Pocket Medicine. I can tell you that this has been the most incredible reference book I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen them all (the Washington Manual, the UCSF Hospitalist Handbook, the ICU Handbook, and so on). To be honest, as an attending, I’ve been utilizing up-to-date more than this book lately, but this book is fantastic for medical students and residents. What makes this book so valuable is that they really write down the article or journal that they are citing if you want to learn more about the original study.

Download Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF

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