Download Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition PDF by Joanne Willey

Download Prescott's Microbiology 11th Edition PDF by Joanne Willey
Download Prescott's Microbiology 11th Edition PDF by Joanne Willey

There is a huge link between many diseases and different microorganisms, so studying everything concerned with bacteria, viruses, and fungi is important to know how to deal with and treatment plans. Medical microbiology is one of the basic branches of the medical study journey; it is studied in the early years of medical and pharmacy school to be built on clinical medicine. Prescott’s microbiology 11th edition Is the top-ranked, well-established, and most famous textbook of Microbiology essentials. It is a very successful and famed series for more than ten years of publishing. It provides an integrated, comprehensive cover to all major parts of microbiology. Its unique system distinguishes it, and the text Is provided for both students and instructors, and professors.

Features of Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition:

  1. Written by a collaboration of professors Joanne M Willey, Kathleen M. Sandman, and Dorothy H. Wood
  2. One of the most reputable and widespread sources of integrated medical, pharmaceutical, and clinical microbiology used by all new students in their first years with microbiology.
  3. Providing efficient and effective studying as saving your time and better grades.
  4. It represents a new leap in the medical microbiology approach with broad coverage of microbiological ecology.
  5. High condensed content beginning from introduction to entire microbiological world from structure and properties of each group, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  6. 11 edition is updated with molecular microbiology and immunology in genetics, biotechnology, genomics, immunology, and human microbiome with a great linkage between adaptive and innate immunity.
  7. Updated with the latest guideline of laboratory safety of the American society of microbiology.
  8. Each chapter begins with a microfocus, Readiness check, learning outcomes supported by comprehension check questions to help students mastered the topic. Animation icons in the pages refer that the text is provided with illustrated animation on the website.
  9. High-quality images and figures, some figures are selected to be accompanied by a micro inquiry for critical thinking.
  10. The book’s most popular thing is vivid instructional art, three-dimensional renditions and attractive colors, Annotated figures for all metabolic pathways.
  11. At the end of each chapter, Key concepts are organized by numbering headings to summarize and conclude the major and essential information. You are given critical questions to be answered.


Content of Prescott’s Microbiology 11th Edition:

Chapter 1: The evolution of microorganisms and microbiology
Chapter2: Microscopy
Chapter 3: Bacterial cell structure
Chapter 4: Archaeal cell structure
Chapter 5: Eukaryotic cell structure
Chapter6: Viruses and acellular infectious agents
Chapter7: Bacterial and Archaeal growth
Chapter8: Control of microorganisms in the environment
Chapter9: Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chapter10: Introduction to metabolism
Chapter11: Catabolism
Chapter12: Anabolism
Chapter13: Bacterial genome replication and expression
Chapter14: Regulation of bacterial cellular processes
Chapter15: Eukaryotic and Archaeal genome replication and expression
Chapter16: Mechanism of genetic variation
Chapter17: Microbial DNA technologies
Chapter18: Microbial Genomics
Chapter19: Microbial Taxonomy and evolution of diversity
Chapter20: Archaea
Chapter21: Nonproteobacterial gram-negative bacteria
Chapter22: Proteobacteria
Chapter23: Gram-positive bacteria
Chapter24: Protists
Chapter25: Fungi
Chapter26: Viruses
Chapter27: Interactions
Chapter28: Biogeochemical cycling
Chapter29: Methods in microbial ecology
Chapter30: Microorganisms in marine
Chapter31: Microorganisms in terrestrial ecosystems
Chapter32: Innate host resistance
Chapter33: Adaptive immunity
Chapter34: Microbe-human ecosystems
Chapter35: Infection and pathogenicity
Chapter36: Epidemiology and public health microbiology
Chapter37: Clinical microbiology and immunology
Chapter38: Human viruses diseases
Chapter39: Human bacterial diseases
Chapter40: Human fungi diseases
Chapter41: Microbiology of food
Chapter42: Biotechnology
Chapter43: Applied environmental microbiology

We Can Show Some Opinions of The Book:

1-Kirtan Kumar, an international medical student, says This book is incredible; it seems that it’s for all students who are studying microbiology. Pages are of excellent quality. Currently, I’m using this for my B. Sc. Microbiology Course.

2-Amanda Smoak says it is just like described. The only downside wasn’t wrapped in plastic, and it had been raining when it had been delivered so that it could have gotten ruined.

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