Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing And Healthcare PDF 4th Edition

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare PDF 4th Edition

Evidence-based nursing (EBN) is a method of making quality judgments and providing nursing care that is based on personal clinical experience combined with the most up-to-date, relevant research. This strategy is built to enhance patients’ outcomes, reduce costs, and empower clinicians leading to higher job satisfaction. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing PDF 4th Edition is a comprehensive evidence-based textbook published to provide sources and information that can facilitate clinicians’ ready translation of research findings into practice, as well as their use of practice data to improve care and document important outcomes.


Features of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing PDF 4th Edition.

  • Prepared by Bernadette Mazurek, Vice President of Health Promotion, Ohio State University, and Ellen Overholt, Professor of Nursing, University of Texas.
  • The fourth edition of this book has been revised to assist health care providers with implementing and sustaining EBP in their daily practices and to foster a deeper understanding of the principles of the EBP paradigm and process. In working with health care systems and clinicians throughout the nation and globe and conducting research on EBP.
  • Successful strategies to advance and sustain evidence-based care.

  • New Material throughout the book, including new chapter material, a unit-by-unit EBP example, and tools to advance EBP.
  • The book contains vital, usable, and relatable content for all levels of practitioners and learners with key examples that bring to life the concepts within chapters.
  • This edition has many features that readers have come to expect like quotes, as proponents of cognitive-behavioral theory, which contends that how people think directly influences how they feel and behave, they firmly believe that how an individual thinks is the first step toward or away from success. Therefore, inspirational quotes are intertwined throughout the book to encourage readers to build their beliefs.
  • Clinical scenarios describe a clinical case or supervisory decision clinicians could encounter in clinical practice prompting readers to seek out the best evidence and determine a reasonable course of action
  • Web Tips with the rapid delivery of information that direct readers to helpful internet resources and sites that can be used to further develop EBP knowledge and skills
  • New learning objectives, each unit, and chapter now begins with learning objectives to help learners focus on key concepts.

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing And Healthcare PDF 4th Edition

  • Steps zero, one, two: Getting started
  • Step three: critically appraising evidence
  • Steps four and five: Moving from evidence to sustainable practice change
  • Creating and sustaining a culture and environment for evidence-based practice
  • Step six: Disseminating evidence and evidence-based practice implementation outcomes
  • Generating external evidence and writing successful grant proposals
  • Appendix

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Jessika K. said This book is required reading for any nurse entering or working in the field who is concerned about their practice and patient care. Why? Because anyone can come up to you and tell you how things should be done. However, if they can’t back it up with evidence, their words are meaningless. This book demonstrates and teaches you how to conduct research and find evidence-based practice, which is defined as research that has been conducted to the highest level of practice on the best approach to perform a treatment to avoid a negative consequence. Get the book, and don’t let someone with a loud tongue but no brains teach you how to do your work; you should always question and double-check everything.

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