Goljan Pathology High Yield Questions For USMLE

Goljan Pathology High Yield Questions For USMLE

Goljan Pathology High Yield Questions For USMLE

Goljan Pathology High Yield Questions For USMLE Step 1
These are high yield questions prepared by Edward Goljan, they focus on the most important notes that may present in your step 1 exam.

GOLJAN resources are very important resource to prepare for USMLE step 1 2018 ,they will help you to master and review all of the pathology .

There are many materials published by goljan which include:
1-goljan audio lectures (goljan pathology audio)
2-goljan rapid review pathology
3-Rapid Review Pathology
4-Rapid Review Pathology With STUDENT

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Sample From the book::

High Yield Questions For USMLE

Prepared by Edward Goljan, M.D.

Physiologic effects of hemorrhage: drop in diast v : ‘>iood pressure, activation of die RAA system from decreased renal blood flow and catecholamine stimulation, v .’i’�holamine release from the high pressure baroreceptors (sinus tachycardia, increased cardiac contraction, increase in peripheral resistance, stimulation of the JG apparatus, venoconstriction), increased reabsoiption of sodium from &e kidneys, release of atrial natriuretic peptide, release of ADH.

Opportunistic infections in AIDS: know Pneumocystis, CMV, Cryptococcus, MAI, TB, Herpes (esophagitis), Candida (thrush, esophagitis), Cryptosporidium (acid fest; diarrhea)

Cocaine: decreased uptake of DOPA and NOR; review environmental path notes Signs/symptoms of drugs of abuse: review environmental path notes

Serum protein electrophoresis interpretation: see Table in inflammation notes; now difference between polyclonal (chronic inflammation) and monoclonal (one clone of plasma cells; rntmoclonal gammopathy of undetermined

significance is the most common cause)

Absence of Y chromosome: germinal ridge moves in the direction of ovarian differentiation; presence of the Y chromosome testes differentiation

Know sensitivity, specificity, prevalence, incidenife, predictive value of a positive and negative test, risk ratio, odds ratio, case fatality risk: some of this is in general principles notes and the remainder in Fadem’s chapter on statistics

UVB light: produces thjmiidine dimers, which if not replaced with normal DNA by DNA repair enzymes, may result in cancer (ba� cell, squame, melanoma)

ESR increase with age: probably abnormal and indicates a disease process rather than being an age-related finding Key elements in wound healing: granulation tissue, fibronectin

Cause of death in 15-25 age bracket: MV A; Black male in this age bracket is homicide

Xeroderma pigmentosum: AR disease with absent DNA repair enzymes and increased incidence of UVB-related

skin cancers

Cytochrome oxidase: inhibited by CO and cyanide

Chronic granulomatous disease of childhood: SXR disease, absent NADPH oxidase, absent respiratory burst, cannot kill catalase positive S. aureus but can kill catalase negative streptococci Picture of coagulation necrosis in an acute myocardial infarction Cause of atrophy in a muscle in a cast: lack of muscle stimulation

Mosaicism: non-disjunction in somatic cells

Calculate the reference interval of the test given the mean of the test and 1 SD: remember to double the SD, since 2 SD covering 95% of the normal population is used

Factors altering the oxygen dissociation curve: left and right shift; see cell injury notes or Harvey Champ

biochemistry book

Mitochondrial inheritance: mother gives the disease to all her kids but her married son to none of his kids MC vitamin deficiency in alcoholics: folate MC metal deficiency in alcoholics: magnesium

Vitamin associated with pyruvate dehydrogenase: thiamin

Always determine the genetic sex of a child with ambiguous genitalia

Respiratory burst: NADPH oxidase conversion of molecular oxygen into superoxide free radicals; neutrophils and monocytes only

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