GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS Important Oneliners Notes

GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS Important Oneliners Notes



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1. Ductus arteriosus closes at – Immediately after birth

2. Uterine artery is a branch of – Internal iliac artery

3. Ovarian artery is the branch of – Abdominal Aorta

4. Ovary is supplied by ovarian artery

5. Uterus is supplied by uterine artery

6. Clitorius is formed from which embryonic structure – Genital tubercle

7. OCP decreases the risk of – Ovarian cancer

8. COCP increases the risk of – Breast /cervical /liver cancer.

9. Screening test for Breast cancer – USG /Mammography /Palpation by the physician

10. Diagnostic test for Breast cancer – FNAC

11. Best/Gold standard investigation for Breast cancer – Excision Biopsy

12. First sign of pregnancy seen on a USG – Gestational ring

13. Mifepristone required for abortion is – 200mg

14. Most common cause of fetal blood loss – Abruptio placenta

15. Scar rupture of previous cesarian section during 2nd pregnancy is within – 18 months of previous pregnancy
16. MC complication which can occur with next pregnancy when female had previous cesarion section – Placenta previa
17. Post pregnancy uterus becomes a pelvic organ at – 10-12 days(2weeks)

18. Till what time of before pregnancy uterus remains a pelvic organ – 12 weeks

19. Vaginal fornix is near which anatomical structure – Ureter

20. MCC of peurperial sepsis – Streptococcus

21. MC site of peurperial infection – Placental site

22. Normal pressure of manual vaccum aspiration performed for MTP – 70-80mmhg

23. Cortisol released just before birth does – causes maturation of fetal lung

24. Just before birth which of the following responsible in baby for lung maturation Cortisol.
25. Gas used in Laproscopic surgery – Co2

26. Gold standard test for tubal patency – Laproscopy – performed bet day 6 – day 11.

27. There is a visible growth in cervix,which test to be done – Punch

28. Failure of contraceptives is calculated by – Pearl index

29. OCP absolutely contraindicated in – Active liver disease

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