MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide Fifth Edition PDF

MedSurg Notes Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide PDF Fifth Edition

The role of nurses in the emergency room is so vital, Nurses are the most concerned and caring people for patients in their first steps inside the emergency room, and they are the ones who complete daily observation, record results, and monitor vital signs, so they must be fully aware of all physiological and vital changes affecting the lives of patients and how to deal with them quickly. MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide PDF Fifth Edition is a convenient, pocket-sized guide that helps you identify and treat patients with urgent and common medical-surgical issues on the spot. Each ailment is presented in an overview format and includes all of the most up-to-date information you’ll need to provide the greatest possible patient care.


Features of MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide PDF Fifth Edition

  • Prepared by Ehren Myers, an experienced academic registered nurse who made great work in shorting and listing these medical conditions.
  • It is a clinical pocket guide that lists must-know information on more than 65 medical and surgical conditions in a bulleted, accessible format
  • Get the clinically relevant information you need to provide safe and effective health care to all of your patients in the hospital and at home. Its convenient pocket size and waterproof pages are ideal for students and instructors on the road, and NCLEX suggestions are underlined throughout, making it ideal for those studying for the exam.

  • This concise and highly targeted review of diseases commonly seen in basic care includes updated clinical information, all-new color photos, and Exam Tips and Clinical Pearls to highlight essential exam content.
  • Covering prioritized nursing interventions and complete preoperative procedures
  • The updated fifth edition includes Wipe-free forms, Focused assessment, Emergency, and high alert meds, urgent clinical problems, cardiac emergencies, Diabetic emergencies, assessment tools, lab values, fluids and electrolytes, ECG interpretation, and Respiratory emergencies, critical thinking interventions.

Contents of MedSurg Notes: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide Fifth Edition PDF

  • Cardiovascular management
  • Blood Transfusion
  • IV solutions

  • Respiratory management
  • Diabetes emergencies
  • Acute Abdomen cases
  • Trauma and accidental cases

We show some opinions of the book users

Lisa R. said, “I used this on my clinical and it was fantastic!” It includes detailed descriptions of every major body system and condition that you can encounter on a medical/surgical unit.”

Chandra B. said, “Perfect for a novice nurse in need of a short review on the information.” It’s small enough to fit in my pocket and has already proven useful”

Jay Smith said I’m resuming my nursing career (as an LVN) after nearly 14 years away. Since I practiced in Texas, a lot has changed. This handy booklet has been really helpful when completing a nursing refresher course and will continue to be beneficial as I transfer to an ADN RN degree. The tabs (as seen in the images) make it easy to discover information for various assessments, therapies, and nursing diagnoses.

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