Memorizing Medicine a Revision Guide Second Edition PDF

Memorizing Medicine a Revision Guide 2nd Ed PDF
Memorizing Medicine a Revision Guide 2nd Ed PDF

About Memorizing Medicine a Revision Guide Second Edition:

This ebook delivers a different approach to ‘discovering medicine’ in a manner that places the main emphasis on recall. Drawing upon well-established psychological principles, it utilizes a wide range of tactics to maximize the reader’s ability to recollect huge swathes of knowledge at a later date.

The result is an inspiring and refreshing book. No two pages are alike, and wherever facts are displayed hierarchically so that basic features of each condition or symptom can be understood immediately. At the same time, finer points are given in a more detailed reading.

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  • 530 Pages
  • File Size: 21.6 MBs
  • English Language
  • 5-Star Rating
  • Memorizing Medicine series

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Cardiology 1

Chest pain 2; Cardiology examination 4; Murmurs 6; Aortic stenosis 8; Aortic regurgitation 9; Mitral
stenosis 10; Mitral regurgitation 11; ECG interpretation 12; Tachycardia 16; Atrial fibrillation 18; Ventricular
tachycardia 20; Bradycardia 22; Acute coronary syndromes 24; Myocardial infarction 25; Management
of ACS 27; Shock 28; Hypertension 30; Heart failure 32; Cardiology treatments 34; Rheumatic fever
36; Infective endocarditis 38; Pericardial disease 40; Myocarditis 42; Myxoma 43; Cardiomyopathy 44;
Congenital heart disease 46

Respiratory Medicine 51

Respiratory examination 52; Clubbing 54; Cyanosis 55; Respiratory failure 56; Respiratory function tests 58;
Chest X-ray patterns 60; Pneumonia 62; Asthma 64; Acute severe asthma 70; COPD 72; Pulmonary fibrosis
74; Occupational lung diseases 76; Sarcoidosis 78; Bronchiectasis 80; Lung abscess 82; Cystic fibrosis 84;
Pneumothorax 86; Pleural effusion 88; Pulmonary oedema 90; Lung carcinoma 92; Obstructive sleep
apnoea 94; Pulmonary embolism 96; Pulmonary hypertension 98

Gastroenterology 101

Abdominal pain 102; Diarrhoea 104; Constipation 105; Nausea and vomiting 106; Sore throat 108; Oral
ulceration 109; Dysphagia 110; Haematemesis 112; Rectal bleeding 113; Abdominal examination 114;
Abdominal masses 115; Oesophagitis 116; Oesophageal carcinoma 118; Peptic ulcers 120; Gastric neoplasia
124; Inflammatory bowel disease 126; Colorectal carcinoma 130; Malabsorption 132; Coeliac disease 134;
Acute pancreatitis 136; Chronic pancreatitis 138; Jaundice 140; Liver failure 142; Liver transplant 145; Portal
hypertension 146; Oesophageal varices 148; Ascites 150; Acute liver failure 152; Chronic liver disease 154;
Infective hepatitis 156; Primary biliary cirrhosis 158; Autoimmune hepatitis 159; Haemochromatosis 160;
Wilson disease 161; Liver tumours 162; Pancreatic tumours 163; Gallstones 164


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