Multiple Choice Questions For Promertic Examination Part 1

Multiple Choice Questions For Promertic Examination Part 1

Exam Model 1 – A

1- Therapeutic index is
a- Toxic dose + therapeutic dose
b- Toxic dose – therapeutic dose
c- Toxic dose / therapeutic dose
d- Toxic dose * therapeutic dose
e- None of them

2- Praziquantel is
a- Generic name of biltiricide
b- Kill all worms
c- Drug of choice for nematode
d- Both a & b
e- All of the above

3- At cardiac shock the first drug of choice is
a- Epinephrine
b- Hydrocortisone
c- Ephedrine
d- Saline
e- None of the above

4- Controlled drug in the body depend on
a- PH
b- Enzymatic reaction
c- Body fluid interaction
d- Both b & c
e- All of the above

5- Maximum dose of captopril is
a- 150 mg / day
b- When hypertension occur
c- 400 mg / day
d- Both a & b
e- None of the above

6- All are cardio selective B bloker except
a- Atenolol
b- Esmolol
c- Metoprolol
d- Acebutalol
e- Labetalol

7- Ticlopidine is
a- Anticoagulant
b- Antiplatelet
c- Antibiotic
d- Anticholinergic
e- Antifibrinolytic

8- Cardiac arrest could be managed by the following except
a- Ephedrine
b- Lidocaine
c- Propranolol
d- Normal saline
e- Hydrocortisone

9- Insulin which can be given intravenously is
a- Regular type
b- 30/70 type
c- NPH type
d- All of the above
e- Non of the above

10- Drug is used for leishmania
a- Sodium stiboglyconante
b- Sodium cromoglyconate
c- Mebendazole
d- Metronidazole
e- Nifuortimox

11- All these drug are anti bacterial except
a- Lomefloxacin
b- Cefeprazone
c- Amoxicillin
d- Streptomycin
e- Zalacitabine

12- All these are natural estrogen except
a- Mestranol
b- Estrone
c- Estriol
d- Estradiol
e- Non of them

13- Co trimoxazole contains
a- Trimethoprime and Sulphamethoxazole
b- Trimethoprime and Sulphadiazine
c- Trimethoprime and Sulphonyl urea
d- Trimethoprime and Sulphauracil
e- Trimethoprime and salbutamol

14- Which of the following has vasodilator effect :
a- Nicotine
b- Cholestramine
c- Urokinase
d- Vitamine A
e- Calcium

15- One of the following is not for epilepsy
a- Clonazepam
b- Phenytoin
c- Primidone

d- Imipramine
e- Depakine

16- One of the following is not from quinolone group
a- Naldixic acid
b- enoxacin
c- quinine
d- norfloxacin
e- ciprofloxacin

17- one of the following should be avoided in pregnancy
a- vitamin A
b- calcium
c- misoprostol ( cytotic )
d- paracetamol
e- ampicillin

18- All of these can be used for treatment of leprosy except
a- Dapson
b- Rifampin
c- Clofazinine
d- INH
e- None of the above

19- Sumatriptan is used for
a- Hypertension
b- Treatment of migraine
c- Angina pectoris
d- Control epilepsy
e- Epilepsy

20- Which of the following is enzyme inducer
a- Rifampicin
b- Cimetidine
c- Chloramphinicol
d- Vit C
e- Omeprazle

21- All of the following for prophylaxis of asthma except
a- Ketotifen
b- Nedocromil sodium
c- Sodium cromoglycate
d- Salbutamol
e- None of the above

22- All of the following is NSAH ( non sedating antihistaminic ) except
a- Loratidine
b- Cetrizine
c- Astemizol
d- Azatadine
e- None of the above

23- All of the following are controlled drugs except
a- Rivotril
b- Epanutin
c- Stesolid
d- Diazepam
e- None of the above

24- All these drugs are anti viral except
a- Amantadine
b- Zidovudine
c- Acyclovir
d- Alurin
e- Gancyclovir


25- Which of the following symptoms does not occur with morphine
a- Diarrhea
b- Vomiting
c- Constipation
d- Respiratory depression
e- Addiction

26- Which one of the following is the drug of choice for myxodema ( hypothrodism )
a- Carbimazole
b- tadenan
c- throxine sodium
d- propyl uracil
e- potassium iodide

27- Which of these drugs is not used for acute pain
a- Naproxine
b- Colichicine
c- Codeine
d- Prednisolone
e- Keorelac

28- Benzyl peroxide is alcohol treatment for
a- Rheumatic pain
b- Angina pectoris
c- Acne vulgaris
d- Dysmenorrheal
e- Diabetes insipidus

29- Vitamin A daily dose for therapy
a- 20 000 IU
b- 100 000 – 200 000 IU
c- 20 000 – 100 000 IU
d- 15 000 IU
e- 10 000 IU

30- Vitamin A daily dose correction of deficiency
a- 15 000 IU
b- 20 000 IU
c- 50 000 IU
d- 100 000 IU
e- 500 000 IU

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