Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care 12th Edition

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care 12th Edition
Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 12th Edition

Nursing is an occupation that involves taking care of the sick, injured, incapacitated, and dying on a long-term basis. In hospital and community contexts, nursing is also responsible for promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. Nurses are involved in health care research, management, policy debates, and patient advocacy on a daily basis. A highly skilled registered nurse directly affects the result of patient recovery as he is responsible for the timing of medication and physical care and observation of any disorder to be able for the first intervention until calling the doctor. Nursing drugs acknowledgement is a necessary qualification; enough experience and data about drugs indications, side effects, and contraindications have a great effect on health promotion. Nursing Diagnosis handbook is one of the top-ranked and fundamental textbooks in nursing diagnostic science.


Features of Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 12th Edition PDF:

  • Introduced with a great extensive effort by Betty J. Ackley MSN EdS RN depending on years of experience
  • An evidence-based convenient guide of medically diagnostic cases and care plans to make the practising nurse or nursing students able to rapidly diagnose disorders and changes in the progression of diseases.

Enrich medical information and

  • differential diagnosis providing safe borderline required from the nurse in different sectors of the job description

  • Distinguished by its special concern about different plans of treatment of surgical, internal and psychiatric disorders
  • Great coverage of disease risk factors and epidemiology works on improving the level of public health.
  • Providing tricks and special skills which nurses should have and critical thinking methods
  • Comprehensive source for all nursing roles as it teaches you how to make a nursing diagnosis and directions on how to plan nursing care, advanced nursing concepts and safety measures
  • New updated 12th edition with the labelling of classic older research studies are still relevant as classic evidence-based, 72 revised nursing diagnoses approved by NANDA-1, recently recommended approved interventions, new chapter of bullying and gender dysphoria, promoted content suitable for NCLEX exams.
  • Each chapter contains a quick summary of headlights of the chapter, maps and care plan components, with tips for creating individualized care, plans for the latest evidence-based standards of care.
  • New updates in format and paper design make it greater and more attractive, and comfortable during reading.


Contents of Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 12th Edition Book:

Part1: Nursing process, clinical reasoning, nursing diagnosis and evidence-based nursing

Part2: Guide to nursing diagnosis

Part3: Guide to planning care

We Show Some Opinions of Book Readers:

Gina Meckley said it was a great book, but you had to know how to utilize it to get the most out of it. On the first few pages, read the instructions. It describes how to utilize the book and how everything is laid up. I got it since I was struggling (a lot) with how to compose my nursing care plans while in school. This book includes the NANDA-approved diagnosis, evidence-based components, and “related to” sections so you can put it all together. It takes into account the elderly, children, and home care. It also comprises patient teachings at the conclusion of the procedures.



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