Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 5th Edition PDF

Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 5th Edition PDF

Basic pharmacology is a vital knowledge that must be acquired well by all medical care teams, and surgical technologists are one of the most important surgical team members specialized in surgical technology, so he has to learn pharmacology from trusted fundamental sources, pharmacology surgical technologist is the most powerful and conclusive sources for major and essential pharmacology.


Key features of Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologists 5th Edition PDF

  • Written by Tiffany Howe and Angela Burton, who are leading educators and seniors surgical techs.
  • Pharmacology surgical technologist is a must for scrub for right and comprehensive preparation of surgery room and safe drugs calculation to achieve integration of operating team.

  • Pharmacology surgical technologist provides great coverage of everything a surgical tech needs to know, such as fundamental pharmacology, dosage calculations, medication safety, nomenclature, and drug effects and side effects.
  • To learn pharmacology, you need a simplified, arranged, and well-organized presentation of information to help in keeping information for long periods and easy restoring.
  • A comprehensive and integrated textbook that goes forward with the AST curriculum for surgical technology.
  • Pharmacology surgical technologist three parts make it more simple for students to understand, the foundations of pharmacology, calculations, drug administration, and preoperative preparation and surgical environment and emergencies.
  • Pharmacology surgical technologist source is distinguished by drug alarms, and surgical safety concerns are highlighted in caution boxes, and Insight boxes in the operating room provide in-depth, cutting-edge information on specific items, procedures, processes, and key concepts highlighted in the text are defined in detail in the glossary.
  • Illustrations including surgical instruments photographs, which are designed to familiarize the students with the surgical environment
  • Chapter-by-chapter, concise yet thorough material in a novel arrangement to allow students to study ahead of time, offering the benefits of both antegrade and retrograde learning.
  • Students can use chapter study questions of pharmacology surgical technologists to assess their knowledge and put it into practice, and they can also be used as a review tool for classroom and certification tests.
  • The newly updated information like antibiotics commonly used in the operating room and the content map links the text’s material to the pharmacology element of the AST Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology’s requirements.
  • Contains new subjects that have lately been asked in several exams, a separate chapter on the most frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents of Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 5th Edition eBook

Part1: Introduction to pharmacology

1.1- Basic pharmacology

1.2- Medication development, regulation and resources

1.3- Pharmacology mathematics

1.4- Medication admnistration

Part2: Applied surgical pharmacology

2.1- Antibiotics

2.2- Diagnostic agents

2.3- Diuretics

2.4- Hormones

2.5- Medications of coagulation

2.6- Opthalmic agents

2.7- Fluids

2.8- Antineoplastic chemotherapy

Part3: Anesthesia

3.1- Preopeartive medications

3.2- Patient monitoring and local and regional anethesia

3.3- General anesthesia

3.4- Emergency situations

Medical Students Review About Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 5th Edition

Taylor Navas said that book is excellent study material, and it was called the Bible by everyone in the classroom; it was a certainly helpful book. He was in the third semester due to changes in protocol or methods. There may be some issues with material sort; that book was magnificent.

Kayli Manoli said it was one of the greatest books for studying or brushing up on surgical technology. She had had the second edition since 2009, and she decided to buy this edition since it would help her keep up with the latest updates and drugs for Da Vinci. If you were thinking about taking the license exam, that book should be part of your reference library.

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