PLAB 1 Recalls 2021 Updated Free Download

PLAB 1 Recalls Updated Free 2021
PLAB 1 Recalls Updated Free 2021

Download PLAB 1 Recalls 2021 PDF

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About PLAB 1 Exam :

PLAB 1 is a written exam made up of 180 multiple choice questions which you must answer within three hours.

What is the passing score for PLAB 1?

The passing score for PLAB-1 is not constant. It keeps varying depending on the average pass score but it is always around 120 to 126 which is almost 60 to 62%. The most important part of this exam is Time Management. Regarding Time Management, the PLAB-1 consists of 200 SBAQ’s (Single Best Answer Questions)

Is PLAB exam difficult?

PLAB is not that difficult.

It tests for the must-know topics that are needed in day-to-day practice rather than nice-to-know obscure facts.

How much is PLAB 1?

The costs for PLAB 1 fees can be found on the GMC website. 

PLAB 1 is held in several countries. Check the GMC website to find out which one is nearest to you.

Information About PLAB 1 Recall March 2020 PDF

  • 31 Pages
  • File Size: 1 MBs
  • English Language
  • 170+ questions
  • PLAB 1 Recall Section

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