Sherazi and Zahid Notes For USMLE Step 2 CS {PDF}

Sherazi and Zahid Notes For USMLE Step 2 CS {PDF}
Sherazi and Zahid Notes For USMLE Step 2 CS {PDF}


Preface of the Book:

The most dreaded of USMLE exams for IMGs, Step 2 CS, is also one of the most integral parts of your
application for residency. There are many reasons for why IMGs find this exam difficult, and this work
helps allay one of these aspects, “What question should I be asking my patient?” We are very glad to
present you with the notes that we compiled during our preparation for the USMLE STEP 2 CS Exam. We
would especially like to thank Dr. Majid Aized, Dr. Waqas Ahmed Khan, Dr. Sajeel Anwar, and Dr. Usama
Ahmad without whose guidance and support we could not have completed this work. We would be very
happy if it can help anyone during the preparation and in pursuit of their post-graduate medical training
in the US, of which USMLE step 2 CS is a core part.

We would also like to provide a few suggestions to ensure optimum utilization of these notes:
 These notes should be complimented with CS notes by Dr. Majid Toseef Aized. We followed the
general outline of how a patient encounter should be as detailed in Dr. Majid’s Notes. (There are
some other options such as Iqbalian and Neeraj notes, however, we cannot vouch for
them as strongly as we can for Dr. Majid’s.
 Some medical conditions do not have very specific questions, however pertinent clinical
features can be very easily picked up in the history or review of systems (ROS) and linked to
arrive at a diagnosis. Hence in these cases, we only mention the features opposite the diagnosis
in brackets sherazi notes step 2 cs pdf,.
 The questions have been framed for a person with an average English proficiency, however, if
you feel the need to reframe the question so that its easier for you, albeit ensuring it makes
good literary sense

 As part of the compilation, we decided to include much less common diagnosis as part of our
differential as well. We felt it was better to have a longer differential in mind to start your prep
with,sherazi notes step 2 cs download but in the latter stages when you begin to time your encounters if you have arrived at a
diagnosis, less common causes can be skipped.
 Do not time your encounters or patient notes the first time around you practice them. However
to start timing them in your second round aiming for 15 min for the encounter and 11 min for
the note. By your third and hopefully final round aim for 13 min for encounter and 10 min for
patient note.
 We made mnemonics that we felt would be easy for us to recall, however, if you need to come
up with your own that would be very helpful.
 These notes do not replace texts like First Aid to CS and U. World and we feel that these texts
should also be reviewed alongside these notes, especially for writing Patient Note.
 Start typing patient notes from the very first day of preparation of USMLE STEP 2 CS Exam.
 Don’t be shy!! Improve your notes by discussing and showing it to others, as it is a very
important component of the exam.
 Usually, 2 examinations should be done during the patient encounter, we recommend doing
the cardiovascular exam as it can be done in a very short time interval.



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Sherazi and Zahid Notes For USMLE Step 2 CS free pdf,

Sherazi and Zahid Notes For USMLE Step 2 CS Download free pdf,

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