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Mastering Precepting A Nurse's Handbook for Success 2nd Edition PDF

Nursing preception is a position that involves taking care of the sick, injured, incapacitated, and dying on a long-term basis. In hospital and community contexts, they are also responsible for promoting the healthcare skills, knowledge of individuals, giving important mentoring, learning experiences, and teaching for young or experienced nurses who are shifting their department or health care facility. A highly skilled registered nurse has a direct effect on the result of patient recovery as he is responsible for the timing of medication and physical care and observation of any disorder to tell the concerned doctor. Mastering precepting a nurse’s handbook for success 2nd edition is a fundamental handbook that provides the power and inspiration for nurses to achieve success and greatness, and it is more integrated and suitable to all scientific levels than any texts in the same field.


Features of Mastering Precepting A Nurse’s Handbook for Success 2nd Edition PDF

  • Prepared by Beth Ulrich, Professor of nursing, Cizik School of Nursing, Texas Health Science Center at HoustonCoach Beth offers both major skills of organization, management, and supporting, teaching, and instructing groups with the knowledge, resources, skills, and insight, they require to succeed.

  • This second Edition of Mastering Precepting: A Nurse’s Handbook for Success, written for staff nurses and their supervisors, offers preceptors both the science and art of education and encourages them to seek the support they need to be effective. It underlines the need of giving pleasant and helpful experiences to nursing preceptors for managers.
  • Handbook for individual preceptors and a resource for those who are developing or improving preceptor programs.
  • The textbook is both evidence-based and pragmatic, provides information on the why and the who, and is written in a style that can be easily read by busy registered nurses who are moving into the preceptor role and by current preceptors who want to improve their practice. 
  • Provides a strong framework for nurse leaders to succeed. It also serves as a reference they may go to whenever they have questions or need a brief refresher course on a specific aspect of their job.


Contents of Mastering Precepting A Nurse’s Handbook for Success 2nd Edition Ebook

The chapters are built on each other and designed to be read in order 

Part1: Introduction 

Part2: Overview of learning theories 

Part3: Overview of precepting strategies 

Part4: Core precepting concepts 

Part5: Planning experiences for preceptors 

Part6: Communication skills 

Part7: Information on establishing, conducting, and ending a coaching relationship 

Part8: Overview of instructional technologies 

Part9: Information and strategies on specific learner populations 

Part10: Brand new chapter 

Part11: Assessing, addressing, and influencing preceptor behaviors 

Part12: Pragmatic information on the day-to-day performance

Part13: the need for preceptors 

Part14: Managers 

Part15: Information on developing preceptors 

We show some opinions of book users 

David R. renin said that was a fantastic book that explained the fundamentals of nurse leadership and how to manage a nursing unit by embracing strategies that had been demonstrated to work. The book was arranged into discrete parts/chapters that pertained to certain themes and umbrella categories, and it was generally straightforward to read. He would recommend that book to nurse leaders as “one” of the books they read. 

Sunshine said that was a must-have for any nurse leader! These should be distributed to nurse leaders’ teams. She would be sure to grab a copy for any new nurse supervisors when she became a nursing director.

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