Download PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series PDF Free

Download PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series PDF

PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series PDF Free

About PLAB 1 Exam:

PLAB 1 is a portion of the PLAB assessment process for medical students and doctors who are studying outside the United Kingdom, to allow them to work in the UK as doctors. PLAB 1 is the written part, whereas PLAB 2 is your OSCE part.

PLAB 1  is a computer-based exam that lasts three hours and ten minutes, with a total of 200 ‘single best answer’ questions.


The GMC website addresses the following information about what knowledge is required to take the PLAB Part 1 exam:

  • The exam is designed to test your capability to apply knowledge in the care of patients more than how well you can remember and discuss facts ex. causes of acute myocardial infarction.
  • All questions in the exam relate to the latest best practice – answer them about published evidence and not according to your regional arrangements.
  • Any medicines highlighted in the test will be posted in the most recent edition of the British National Formulary (BNF).
  • You should be aware of the range of devices routinely available in United Kingdom hospitals.


PLAB 1 can be taken in different places across the world – both in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries – to see which countries you can take the exam see the GMC website.

The PLAB Part 1 is run 4 times a year in the United Kingdom and twice yearly at many abroad centers. The PLAB Part 1 exam dates can be found on the GMC website here.

How to Prepare for PLAB 1 Exam:

These are a few steps to follow when starting to prepare for the exam, please notice that the time required for preparation depends upon your planning and pace.

  1. Join the related groups for PLAB 1 preparation On Facebook Or Whatsapp.
  2. Choose study materials you want to go through and pick an appropriate Qbank.
  3. Make a study schedule for the preparation period.
  4. Set a target of questions per day.
  5. highlight the questions you think need reviewing.
  6. Use the references for doubt points.
  7. Take enough rest between study and before the exam.
  8. Solve as many mock tests as possible.
  9. Keep studying your pointed questions.

Time Required for Preparation usually 8 to 16 weeks is the ideal time for PLAB 1 preparation. 

Study Material for PLAB 1 :


PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series PDF 

This is a just summary of short notes for the PLAB-1 exam, they are NOT meant to replace any text-book or references. Merely intended for a quick revision points for the exam.

Taken mainly from PLABKEYS, Google Images, and some info from other sources.


  • Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students
  • Google Images
  • Various other sources… too many to mention or remember


In this section, we will distribute PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series in PDF for free download. This files contain very high-yield study notes for PLAB part 1, and so are recommended to everyone those plans to enroll in the PLAB 1 exam soon. This file has been uploaded with a direct link for user protection and ease-of-access.

To have download and read PLAB 1 Last Minute Revision Series PDF use download links mentioned below :

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