Tips and Tricks for PLAB-1 By Anbin R Inian PDF

Tips and Tricks for PLAB-1 By Anbin R Inian PDF
Tips and Tricks for PLAB-1 By Anbin R Inian PDF

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About the Book:

I have tried my best for bringing out most of the points, which the students will need
for the examination plab books pdf. This book I suppose will serve the utmost for all the students.
But it will be advisable to keep on reading from different books, since medicine is an ocean, and this book will be a
the small lake where the trespassers can drink something when
they are thirsty.
I am glad that the persons who are reading this book are already on the way to the UK. I wish them all the best and
as you have come to this level, well, keep on trying. One day you will do 
plab examination.

Contents :

1. General 1
2. Investigations 9
3. Neurology and Central Nervous System 13
4. Cardiology/Cardiovascular System 20
5. Respiratory 25
6. Gastroenterology 32
7. Genetics 42
8. Endocrinology 44
9. Orthopaedics 52
10. Paediatrics 62
11. Ear, Nose and Throat 67
12. Ophthalmology 79
13. Haematology 90
14. Connective Tissue Disorders 99
15. Dermatology and Infectious Diseases 108
16. Obstetrics and Gynaecology 113
17. Testicular Swelling 124
18. Urology 126
19. Psychiatry 127
20. Pharmacology 129
21. Confusing So Comparing 136
22. Triads 145
23. Tetrology and X-ray 147
24. The Most Common Cause 150
25. Miscellaneous 153


Hint Points to be Remembered
• Adduction—Ulnar nerve.
• Opposition—Medial nerve.
• Extension—Radial nerve.
• Tick bite—Rocky mountain spotted fever/Lyme’s
Mosquito-borne fever
• Dengue.
• Yellow fever.
• Filariasis.
• Autosomal dominant—Polycystic kidney disease.
• Bone enlargement—Acromegaly, Paget’s disease.
• SCROFULA—A sign of tuberculosis. A neck node
discharging a cheesy malodorous substance.
• Pancreatic carcinoma—“Sudden onset of diabetes in an
• “Pear drop smell”—DKA.
• Auspit’z sign—Psoriasis/Candida.
• Bull neck—Diphtheria.
• Pepper pot, nail pitting/grease spots—Psoriasis.
• Sacroilitis—Brucellosis, Reiter’s, Crohn’s, Psoriatic
• String of pearls—PCOD.



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