Lippincott Visual Nursing PDF 3rd Edition: A Guide to Clinical Diseases, Skills, and Treatments

Lippincott Visual Nursing PDF A Guide to Clinical Diseases, Skills, and Treatments 3rd Edition.

Lippincott Visual Nursing PDF 3rd Edition is an excellent edition of the great successful Lippincott corporation; it represents a fully comprehensive handle and guides all registered nurses in different diseases, diagnostic skills, and treatment guidelines.


Features of Lippincott Visual Nursing PDF 3rd edition: A Guide to Clinical Diseases, Skills, and Treatments.

  • Prepared by Debra P. Kantor, Associate Professor of Nursing, The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing, Molloy University.
  • This essential resource explains disease pathophysiology with expert instruction on anatomy, symptoms, assessment skills, and hands-on patient treatment, using clear, short descriptions reinforced by numerous illustrations. This must-have reference to providing appropriate, effective patient care is ideal for students, novice nurses, and experienced nurses who need a refresher.
  • Individual body systems are covered in chapters devoted to respiratory, cardiovascular, neurologic, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, renal and urologic, hematologic and immunologic, endocrine, integumentary, and male and female reproductive health.

  • Each body system chapter covers the following topics, diseases that have a significant impact on that system, descriptions, and photographs of normal anatomy, common health concerns and their pathophysiology, tests in the lab and imaging studies, the emergence of disease, Signs, symptoms, stages, and how to avoid them, drug therapy, procedures, and surgery are all options for treatment, in addition, Assessment of the patient’s decision-making skills, monitoring for problems, checking vital signs, post-operative care, and other nursing aspects.
  • Hundreds of brightly colored images, pictures, waveforms, and diagrams demonstrate concepts and descriptions. Step-by-step instructions on basic assessment skills, including how to collect subjective and objective data, how to ask questions, how to document, and more.
  • Assessment and treatment recommendations can help you improve your nursing abilities and confidence.
  • New updated edition on different levels, new flow charts of clinical manifestations and diagnosis, a new format with easily accessible information for each section.
  • Colorful visuals that support other nursing texts, making it easier to absorb and retain knowledge, make this an ideal study and review text for visual learners.
  • The following are some of the chapter highlights: Flowcharts that depict the impact of complex diseases are called Picturing Patho, Photographs of nursing operations and treatments are called “Hands-On.”, and Lesson Plans are concise summaries of essential information for patient and family education.

Lippincott Visual Nursing PDF 3rd Edition Contents: A Guide to Clinical Diseases, Skills, and Treatments.

  • Basic assessment skills
  • Cardiovascular care
  • Respiratory care
  • Neurologic care

  • Gastrointestinal care
  • Musculoskeletal care
  • Renal and urologic care
  • Hematologic, immunologic and oncogenic care
  • Endocrine care
  • Integumentary care
  • Female reproductive care
  • Male reproductive care

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Gomana G. said I learned a lot from this book….the contents are quite thorough, as evidenced by the illustrations. Nothing is left out, and everything is covered. This is an excellent purchase for anyone working in the nursing sector.

Paula Renee said this is an excellent clinical book for nurses to have on hand if they want to learn more about their patients’ diagnoses, pathology, and treatment options.

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