March 2019 USMLE Step 2 CK Experience {Score #247}


I am writing this just because the step 2 CK prep process is a total pain and I was pretty lost during it.
Do not waste time with reading master the board etc.
Get straight to uworld with supplementation from OnlineMedEd videos.
Ome is good for a foundation and you can build it up further after.
I did try to print the uworld notes and try to do it along with uworld, but I found it too time-consuming and waste really.

Download All Uworld Notes For USMLE Step 2 CK 2019 [PDF] Annotated & Updated

The main exam is almost entirely like uworld and I would suggest doing it in-depth, focusing also on the wrong options.

I didn’t use CMS because I had time restraints.

1. NBME 6 >> 211, taken on November 2018
2. UWSA 1 >> 247, taken two to three weeks later
3. NBME 7 >> 222, taken in January end
4. UWSA 2 >> 253, taken a week before my exam
5. The real deal was at the end of March >> 247.

I did not have an ideal situation, as I had to give my CS in between, as well as do an observership while prepping for CK.

Get All NBME In PDF format from here

My top tips:
1. Do uworld quickly and try to revise
2. While doing uworld, make Your version of first aid, i.e. tables for next best step, best diagnostic step, first treatment, beat treatment for diseases or screening protocols or risk factors for diseases.
I made a notebook and kept writing all these in different sections to allow a quick look through

Get All Uworld Notes For USMLE Step 2 CK 2019 [PDF] Annotated & Updated

3. Do NBMEs only for a larger number of questions and not as an assessment. It brought my morale down.
4. Make sure you make flashcards while using uworld of any images in derma, radio, E, etc to allow you to do a quick revision before the exam
5. DO NOT FORSAKE FIRST AID FOR STEP continues to be gold even for this exam and saved me when I was in a bad spot.
6. While doing systems, try to make a rapid review of the radiological or histological findings, for example, what findings might be expected in lung disease or what ECG findings might be seen in various cardiac conditions.

I think that’s all, I’m open to questions. Best of luck and stay motivated all.. peace!

If you have any question You can leave it in comments

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