Davis Drug Guide for Nurses Seventeenth Edition PDF

Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses Seventeenth Edition book
Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses Seventeenth Edition

Nursing is an occupation that involves taking care of the sick, injured, incapacitated, and dying on a long-term basis. In hospital and community contexts, nursing is also responsible for promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. Nurses are involved in health care research, management, policy debates, and patient advocacy on a daily basis. A highly skilled registered nurse directly affects the result of patient recovery as he is responsible for the timing of medication and physical care and observation of any disorder to be able for the first intervention until calling the doctor. Nursing drugs acknowledgment is a necessary qualification; enough experience and data about drugs indications, side effects,, and contraindications greatly affect health promotion. Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses is the right handle.


Features of Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses Seventeenth Edition PDF:

  • ItApril Hazard Vallerand Ph.D writes itD. RN FAAN, a leading expert in clinical pharmacology teaching.
  • Successful series for 17 editions with the bestselling record
  • Providing all major information and safety lines of necessary medications with well-detailed targeted reasons and warning side effects for about 5000 drugs and cross-referenced drugs
  • Huge monographs of all available generic and trade-name drugs in the market
  • Updated edition with the most recent FDA news
  • Special concern about the safety and interactions of drugs contains a red tab for high-alert drugs. Comprehensive coverage of high-alert and patient-safety issues and Life-threatening side effects, which are indicated by red, capitalized letters.

  • Distinguished by Patient populations require special concerns. Geri Heading points up some of the issues that older people face.
  • Women’s health and children are highlighted for their common cases and drug categories.
  • Comprehensive and suitable for students and junior nurses for his rich information and manual skills as subheads for IV administration, Pharmacogenomics information, and in-depth instructions for patient and family education
  • Case study exercises and practical recommendations to assist you in integrating care plan principles and evidence-based criteria into real-world scenarios
  • Each chapter contains a quick summary of headlights of the chapter, maps, and care plan components, with tips for creating individualized care, plans for the latest evidence-based standards of care.

Contents of Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses Book:

1- How to use

2- Evidence-based- practice

3- Implications for nurses

4- Pharmacogenomics

5- Medication errors

6- Detecting and managing drug adverse


8- Special dosing consideration

9- Cytochrome P450 system

10- Neurological

11- Cardiac

12- GIT

13- Antibiotics

14- Anti-neoplastic

15- Anti-platelets

16- Anti-tuberculous

17- Anti-psychotic

18- Anti-rheumatic

19- Anti-histaminic

20- Anti-viral

21- Corticosteroids

22- Bone resorption inhibitors

23- Hormones

24- Minerals

25- Vaccination

26- Vitamins

We show some opinions of book users. 

“This was a fantastic drug book for nursing students! All of the information on the medications were comprehensive and included all you need to know.” —Abby W.

Tommy Wilson said it was required for the nursing program; thrilled to receive the current version at a lower price in new condition; have already used the book numerous times for pharmacology class; so happy I purchased it since I received an A on my presentation because of having that book.

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