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Toronto Notes 2021
Toronto Notes 2021

MCCQE is the symbol of the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination, and they are necessary two exams you have to pass to be qualified to get your license of medical practice inside different states of Canada, MCCQE part 1 where you are tested to evaluate a candidate’s critical medical knowledge and clinical decision-making ability at the level expected of a medical student completing their medical degree in Canada.

MCCQE part 2

One of the final steps on the road to becoming a licensed and independent physician in Canada is taking an objective structured clinical examination. A set of clinical stations make up the exam. The stations evaluate your ability to use medical knowledge, display clinical skills, and establish investigative and therapeutic clinical programs, among other things. Toronto notes book is a guaranteed reputable source for exams preparation, published by the University of Toronto, which are used by all medical students inside and outside Canada; after years, it becomes the first top-ranked choice.


Overview of Toronto Notes 2021 PDF:

  • Published by professors of the University of Toronto for 37 years until now.
  • Concise and comprehensive compilation notes introduced by the university and updated every year according to announced updates of an official establishment.
  • The new edition is composed of three parts primary, medicine, and surgery part.
  • Covers all aspects of medical branches, distinguished by its unique style of explanation. Each chapter is divided to sections beginning with the main text supported with great figures, graphics, and evidence-based medicine boxes, important notes. And As an easy-to-use reference and guide to the texts, each textbook includes a list of common medical acronyms and abbreviations.
  • New chapters are added to the new edition as Palliative Medicine, outlining important information for this important specialty. The Dermatology, Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Medicine chapters have all been substantially rewritten and enlarged for this edition, in addition to textbook-wide updates by our 340-person editorial staff.
  • The first choice for everyone as it is a concise and practical introduction to the most common clinical issues encountered in clinics, operating rooms, and hospital wards. This handy reference is necessary for clerkship; it’s the ideal way to get ready for all of your clinical rotations. The STAT Notes, a step-by-step approach to 30 common ward scenarios, and the definitive guide to addressing on-call concerns are included in the manual.

Contents of Toronto Notes 2021 Ebook:

1- Anesthesia

2- Cardiology

3- Clinical pharmacology

4- Dermatology

5- Emergency medicine

6- Endocrinology

7- Family medicine

8- Gastroenterology

9- General thoracic surgery

10- Geriatric medicine

11- Gynecology

12- Hematology

13- Infectious diseases

14- Medical genetics

15- Medical imaging

16- Nephrology

17- Neurology

18- Neurology

19- Obstetrics

20- Ophthalmology

21- Orthopedic surgery

22- Pediatric

23- Palliative

24- Plastic surgery

25- Psychiatry

26- Public health

27- Respiratory

28- Rheumatology

29- Urology

30- Vascular surgery

We show some opinions of book users.

Adam Nicholas, a medical student from Ireland, says, “I prefer Toronto Notes because I think it’s complete enough to utilize on its own, and it makes reviewing and studying a lot easier. It summarizes all essential content in a succinct, easy-to-read manner, and I consider it to be a reliable source of information.”

Monica Wisdom says, “I believe Toronto Notes adequately prepared me for the wards as well as the oral tests I took. It works well for preparing for shelf exams. Toronto Notes is a fantastic resource for getting a comprehensive understanding of the numerous topics I won’t be seeing on a daily basis.”




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