Updated MRCP Part 1 Study Materials (January 2020)

MRCP Part 1
Updated MRCP Part 1 Study Materials 2020

Updated MRCP Part 1 Study Materials

Guide 2020


What is MRCP exam?

MRCP is a membership exam in general medicine. MRCP is intended to examine the gaining of a representative sample of medical information, experiences, and behaviours of the applicants wishing to work as a specialist physician in the UK.

MRCP tests are governed by the Federation of the Medical Royal Colleges. So, in a nutshell, the MRCP examinations will make you qualified to get the diploma from one of the next 3 Royal Medical Schools of Physicians:

  1. Royal College of Physicians of London
  2. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  3. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

These 3 Royal medical Colleges of Physicians have the same this common 3-part evaluation exam in general medicine and surgery, which consists of 2-written parts and a 1-clinical assessment exam. MRCP examinations are taken throughout the UK and at many other world centres.

What are the best resources for passing MRCP Part 1?

We have posted much stuff about MRCP Examinations. Now in this article, we are sharing with you the full study material regarding MRCP Part 1. We will try to continue sharing high yield MRCP study materials in the future as well.
All of these learning materials have been shared with Free Download links so you can access them without any charge (but if you want to support us, no problem choose ). The mentioned free links contain some seriously useful material gathered into a single article. In this post, we’ll share with you links to study material for MRCP Part 1 last updated in January 2020. You can also download all these MRCP materials to your computer or Mobile Phones as well.

To have access to 2020 MRCP Part 1 Study Materials use download links mentioned below :


Download Pastest 2018

Pastest has decades of experience in providing extensive medical revision material including online question banks and books.

Download PassMedicine 2018 Scattered

MRCP Part 1 revision, well established MRCP question bank contains over 3,300 best-of-five questions

Download OnExamination 2016

Receive Daily Personalised Revision Questions And Track Your Progress With OnExamination. Focus Your Revision Time And Learn More Efficiently With Core Questions.

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In this post, we have posted free study resources for MRCP part 1 in pdf files with a direct download link for all MRCP important subjects. These books, notes and qbanks include hundreds of questions that probably you’ll see on the exam with High yield explanations of each answer (correct and incorrect), it is a great book for candidates who like to actively study.



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